Inspired by the lyrics of my first single, “See Me’’, this campaign aims to provide the chance for all people to be seen for who they truly are without being subject to the stereotypes that society projects on them.  What we desire is to show people that they can break the margin, grow beyond the cracks and that they are more than what society deems them to be.  This campaign was influenced by the struggle of black women.  Historically in the United States black women have been prisoners of strength, instead of being healthily subjected to vulnerability, honesty and balance.  The disgusting effects of slavery, suffrage and gender inferiority have forced black women out of the natural flow of emotion.  Black women can be more than strong.  Black women are more than strong.  Black women are fully capable of operating in their full beauty.  All people are fully capable of operating in their full beauty and the See Me, I Am campaign aspires to create safe spaces, events and experiences to encourage all people to be their best and most genuine selves.  To learn more about SEE ME, I AM enter your information on the contact page.